Services and Clinics

Headache Clinic

Dr Saima is a GPwSI (General Practitioner with Special Interest) in Headache and now holding clinics here at Ranworth Surgery.  The clinics are held on every alternate Thursday and are available to patients from the Tendring and Colchester area.  Referrals to this service are strictly through the patients own GP.

All appointments are arranged directly by Ranworth Surgery secretaries.  If you have any questions regarding this service please contact Janet Hutchinson on 01255 687280.

24hr ECG Clinic

An electrocardiogram (ECG) is a simple test that can be used to check your heart’s rhythm and electrical activity.  An ECG may be requested a heart specialist (cardiologist) or any doctor who thinks you might have a problem with your heart. Here at Ranworth surgery we have the capacity to be able to offer 24hr ECG and also a 7 Day ECG. We work very closely with Dr Allan Harkness (Consultant Cardiologist) who provides us detailed reports on your ECG test, once these have been reported on your GP who referred you will be given the results and then they will report back to you the findings.

All appointments are arrange directly by Ranworth Surgery. If you have any questions regarding this service please contact Luke Smith on 01255 422587.

Yellow Fever

Ranworth surgery is an accredited Yellow Fever centre which means that we not only provide a service for our own patients, but also for patients from other surgeries.  Appointments can be made with our receptionists and will try to book a time that is convenient to yourself.

Payment of £100.00 per vaccination is required before the appointment is booked and this can be either in cash or cheque with a cheque guarantee card.

You will be given some information regarding the vaccination and asked to fill in a Yellow Fever consent form. If you prefer to you can click on the link below and download the information and form before you come to the surgery.

When you have had your vaccination the nurse will provide you with your certificate.

Download our Yellow Fever information pack and consent form

Care Advisor

A GP Care Advisor is based in the surgery to provide support, information and advice to patients and the Primary Care Team.

Also to provide a sign-posting service to ensure best use of community resources.

Do you want to know…

  • What help you can get from Social Services?
  • What benefits or financial help you may be entitled to?
  • What help you can get from voluntary organisations?
  • What support is available to carers?

Do you need…

  • General Advice?
  • Help filling in forms?
  • Equipment to help you manage at home?
  • To talk to someone about your problems?

Our GP Care Advisor can listen to your problems or concerns, and help you decide the best way forward and where necessary, arrange further support.

Home visits can be arranged if necessary.

If you would like an appointment with Pat Oakley please enquire at reception.


Dr Saima & Dr Shamshad hold Ante-natal/Post Natal clinics every week. 6-8 week Baby Check appointments are also booked into this clinic. Please contact reception to make an appointment.

You will need to register your baby at the surgery before you can gain a Baby Check appointment and your baby will need to have this appointment before they can start the immunisation programme.


Asthma/COPD clinics are run by our trained nurses.  You can make your own appointment or your doctor may refer you.

Advice is given about inhaler technique and home monitoring of asthma using peak flow meters and chart readings.  Medication is adjusted where appropriate.

Health Visitor Clinics

There are locally held baby clinics for you to discuss with a health visitor any concerns or queries you may have regarding feeding, sleeping, etc.  You are encouraged to take your baby along to these clinics in order that your baby’s weight and progress can be checked.

Baby Immunisations

A baby immunisation appointment can be booked via reception in the general nursing clinic.  The nurses here at Ranworth surgery are always happy to discuss any concerns you may have about the process prior to any immunisation given.

Written consent will be required if anyone other than the parent brings along a child for immunisation.

Blood Testing

Blood testing (Phlebotomy) can only be booked by appointment via reception. There are clinics Monday-Friday between 9-12am.  A healthcare professional will have advised you to have a blood test.  They may request you make an appointment to see them after the test results have come back.  If they haven’t requested to see you after then you should allow 4 working days and contact reception for the results.  Please phone after 4 pm for any results.

Fasting Blood Tests

If the healthcare professional has advised you that you will need to fast before your test; please inform reception and you will be given an earlier appointment where possible.

You must not eat or drink anything other than water from 10pm the night before your blood test.  Unless advised otherwise, please take your medication as usual.

For local information regarding blood testing please click on the link below.

Coronary Heart Disease

CHD (Coronary Heart Disease) clinics are run by our trained nurses.  You can make your own appointment or your doctor may refer you.  Advice is given about lifestyle and diet.  Medication is adjusted where appropriate.

Our aim is to get you actively involved in the management of your disease through greater understanding of heart disease to enable you to lead a healthier life.

You will need to have a blood test a week before being seen in this clinic.

Smear Tests

All women between the ages of 25 and 64 years are advised to have a cervical smear every three to five years, regardless of their sexual history.  These smear tests detect any early changes that might lead to cancer later on.  The PCT (Primary Care Trust) invites patients on a routine basis for a cervical smear, blood pressure check, urine test and teaching on breast self-awareness.  The routine appointments are offered throughout the week with the practice nurse.

Please bring a urine sample with you to this appointment.  You can obtain a sample bottle from reception.


These clinics take place on various days at the surgery.  It is for the monitoring of patients with diabetes, to check control and prevent the complications of diabetes.  The better you understand your diabetes the more complications are minimised and the quality of  your life is maximised.

All our diabetics have annual checks by our chiropodist and an annual eye examination.  You can arrange an appointment via reception.

You will need to have a blood test a week before being seen in this clinic.


High blood pressure (Hypertension) for a long period increases the risk of heart attacks and strokes.  This risk can be reduced by controlling blood pressure – we have a programme of assessment including blood tests, urine tests and ECGs.  Speak to reception to arrange an appointment.

New Patient Medical

Every patient registering with the practice will have the opportunity of a new patient medical with a practice nurse or healthcare assistant.  The appointment gives you a chance to meet us and share health information about yourself; as it will take some time for your health records to arrive from your previous surgery.

Your appointment will be with a nurse or healthcare assistant.

They will ask you about the following:

  • Your past medical history (important illnesses and operations)
  • Ongoing medical problems
  • Medication
  • Family history

You will have your blood pressure taken and your urine will be tested. Occasionally other examinations or tests may be done if needed.

Please bring a urine sample with you to this appointment. You can obtain a sample bottle from reception.